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Who are we

20 years in the game

We have been making, breaking, and fixing software around the globe for two decades in pursuit of the highest IT security standards. In our experience there are only two cost-effective ways to make a development secure: either don’t start developing at all or start with a team of well-prepared developers who can write safer code from the get-go. The third option - when safe coding is not a priority from the very beginning- always leads to heavy additional costs later on, with no exceptions. Unchecked and undetected security issues can oftentimes render a part or the whole of your product or service useless until a proper fix is delivered for additional testing before deployment.

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Portrait of Mark Modly, our CEO

Márk Módly

IT Security & Development Expert, Certified Chief Security Architect and Trainer

Our Mission

This is where we come into the picture! We are security experts with an extensive background in software development ourselves. This is why we created several training materials specifically designed for developers to help them address issues related to IT security and safe coding practices. Our IT security training aims to prevent vulnerabilities to make it into the final code. This not only leads to safer products and services but also elevates the overall quality of the written code as well. Today, having up-to-date IT security knowledge is not an extra skill anymore, it is an expected baseline, even for regular development tasks. And for projects where development involves accessing sensitive data or critical systems, proper security knowledge is an indisputable must.