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Training for new employees

To ensure that the IT security knowledge of freshly onboarded developer colleagues is up-to-date, we created specialised onboarding training session. With this courses, an employer can ensure that the newly recruited colleagues have all the necessary IT security knowledge at their disposal. Moreover, after this training, it is guaranteed that every participant has the same level of IT security knowledge. If only a few new developers are hired at a time, training can be delayed until a later date when more participants can join in. If requested, we can assess the knowledge level of the employees even before the start of the training (or independently of it). With this, you can find out the level of IT security knowledge of your fresh hires in a designated programming language. After the test, we will categorize participants into one of the following groups:

  • basic security knowledge - we advise these colleagues to not take part in the development of critical processes (but with proper training, they will be able to tackle such projects in the future)
  • intermediate security knowledge - these colleagues can write safe code for applications designed for internal use (for example internal management solutions, etc.)
  • expert security knowledge - these colleagues are up to date and can be assigned to critical development processes (such as financial applications, etc.)
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