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Project kick-off training

As the saying goes, “Every beginning is difficult” - though, of course, this adage predates the popularity of IT. In the world of IT security, the opposite applies: when you keep an eye out for proper IT security from the very beginning of the development process, you save enormous amounts of energy, money, and time later on - because the cheapest solution is if there is no extra vulnerability crisis management cost down the line at all. Fixing IT security issues later on not only brings significant time penalties in terms of expenses related to additional development but also delays the launch of a product not to mention costs related to operations put on hold.

To avoid such scenarios we join the development process early in the design phase. During this phase, we review both design documents and the design itself.If requested, we can review the code before the final implementation and will provide additional support to the development team, if necessary. If the technology stack is finalized before the start of the development we will fine-tune our course to accommodate it. This will enable the development team to gain relevant knowledge without overburdening them with information that is not related to their particular project.

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