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Operations management training

A finished development is just the first step in a long journey, as operations, and maintenance introduce new security challenges throughout the whole software lifecycle. Teams responsible for daily operations also need proper IT security knowledge at their disposal as well. At the same time, this knowledge is different as it is not related to writing secure code, but rather to early recognition of attacks and malicious behaviour

For this reason, we created a special training methodologies to enhance IT security after the development process is finished and with a target audience of the operations team members. Colleagues responsible for maintenance or members of the computer security incident response team (CSIRT) can also benefit from participation. We help applicants to immerse themselves in the world of quick incident response using scenarios crafted for that particular software architecture and solution. This training comes in 2, 4 or 8-hour versions, naturally, for the best result we advise you to choose the full-day training, here your colleagues not only will get familiar with the security risks but will also immerse themselves into several emergency scenarios. This will give them further valuable experience that will come in handy during live emergencies.

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