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Project finishing audits for developers

Upon request, we can provide vulnerability testing for already finished development projects as well. In this case, we will conduct penetration test or vulnerability assessment for a designated amount of time on the systems that we get access to beforehand. Test results are summarized in a report, which lists the conducted attacks and the level of resiliency that the system demonstrated during these attacks. If a security issue is found, we will report it immediately and will show the development team how to avoid such incidents in the future throughwell-written code. If necessary we can hold additional training about that particular vulnerability type so development teams will be able to avoid this issue in all their future projects as well.

Note, that we conduct penetration tests only when the security assurance processes and the project kick-off training are conducted by someone else entirely. To ensure the highest level of security, penetration tests, and security assurance processes cannot be done by the same party, which would lead to severe conflict of interest. In the case of penetration testing requests, we can gladly offer a reliable expert to conduct the security assurance processes. This approach eliminates any conflict of interest, while ensuring that we recommend experts we trust for the task..

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Penetration Testing For Corporates

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